Martin Yan - International Culinary Icon

The Tumble

Kettle Fryer

  • Gas powered, open-flame heating replicates an authentic Asian cooking method
  • High temperature and short cook time retains more nutrients as compared to alternative techniques
  • Reduced oil necessary for cooking results in reduced calories and fat
  • Provides a rich, authentic texture and flavor which competitive products cannot replicate

Chef Martin Yan….

the iconic chef who introduced the American public to Chinese cookery – has perfected a proprietary gas-fired tumble kettle method for producing authentic, restaurant-quality fried rice entrees.

Chef Yan’s proprietary….

technology brings to the consumer market a unique line of highly flavorful, natural, healthy frozen entrees that are convenient and easy to prepare.

The Opportunity



Through Martin Yan’s decades of culinary expertise and innovation of the proprietary tumble kettle method, clear opportunity exists to leverage the unique technology and appeal of truly authentic fried rice entrées and introduce a targeted consumer to these authentic Chinese rice dishes.